Sound Style Clouds (2020)



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We always forget what means a lot to us
Our life shows the sparkle of love
We can see the solidarity chain
You’ll always be a part of me
no matter where you are
This is a perfect world
This is an awesome time
It will never end
Hold me tight 
Take a deep breath
if there is darkness 
You are my grateful day
You are my precious time
You are the best, baby
Hold my heart 
I feel you deeply
Whenever you are
Live today
Uncertain air spread in social networks
No one can control what we will be
Money can’t buy our virtue for tomorrow
You can’t make the earth go around
no matter how much you own 
This is a beautiful world
This is an awesome home
It will never end
Call my name
I’ll be with you
When you are down
You are my heart beat
You are my morning-glow
You are my oxygen 
Hold me closer 
I give you a smile 
Whatever we will be
Love today
We always forget what means a lot to us
Our life shows the sparkle of love



Song Note

Song and words written by Masanori Takahashi
English translation and Lyric adviser : Kevin Blake
Masanori Takahashi : Vocal, Chorus, Electric Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synthsyzer, Drum Programing
Recorded at Studio 8 ∞ 8
Mixed and Masterd by Masanori Takahashi
Album Jacket Art : Masanori Takahashi
Big Thanks to: >All people who live in the world of "New Normal" >All friends  >All Fan >My family
© 2020 Liber Light Recordings. All right reserved.